Morning Memo: How Jeremy Piven Got a 23-Year-Old Ladyfriend; Jennifer Hudson to Sing for Obama?; Whitney Port on Olivia Palermo

After meeting a bunch of girls at Britney Spears‘s birthday party, the romantic Jeremy Piven sent a mass text message to all of them reading “Come to my room—whoever responds first gets me for the night.” The lucky first responder was 23-year-old Ashley Chontos, who has been nursing the actor through his mercury poisoning and will be accompanying him to the Golden Globes. [Gatecrasher]

Jennifer Hudson, who has not performed since the murders of her mother, sister and nephew, may sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Obama inauguration. [P6]

Here’s Christina Huffington (daughter of Arianna) at the International Debutante Ball at the Waldorf-Astoria. [Guest of a Guest]

Whitney Port‘s somewhat underminey take on City co-star Olivia Palermo: “I was already so nervous for my first day [at Diane von Furstenburg], and it became even worse when I met [Olivia] because she seemed so experienced! Olivia  taught me what a socialite really is—I mean I sort of knew the parameters of what it takes to be a ‘social’ considering I have grown up in Hollywood, but I found it so interesting that you can be completely self-made in the cutthroat environment that is New York City!” [Celebuzz via Racked]