Morning Memo: Mary-Kate Olsen Not Pregnant; Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty Still On; Donald Trump “Fuming” at Brother

Rumors of a Mary-Kate Olsen pregnancy, which started when her weight “shot up to 102 pounds” (!), are not true, according to the actress’s rep. [Us Weekly]

According to a bunch of well-dressed people, the Lower East Side’s Chloe 81 is becoming the “Biggie to [the] Beatrice’s Tupac.” [Grub Street]

Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty are not back together because it turns out they never broke up in first place. [P6]

Beyonce and Adrien Brody seem to have enjoyed making out with each other on the set of Cadillac Records. [R&M]

Donald Trump is “fuming” at his brother Robert, who is currently in the middle of a divorce battle with wife Blaine, for failing to arrange a prenuptial agreement and for using ex-wife Ivana‘s old divorce lawyer, Robert Cohen. [P6]