Noblesse Supreme: Caroline Kennedy Stakes Her Claim

Representative Steve Israel, who is often mentioned by supporters in and out of Congress as a candidate for the job, is still actively seeking the appointment, according to a source familiar with his thinking on the matter.

According to the source, Mr. Israel made his interest in the job known to the governor soon after Mrs. Clinton’s official nomination as secretary of state and feels that there is still time to make his case to the governor, despite the Kennedy earthquake.

“This is an audience of one and it’s the governor,” said the source. “This is not an election—it’s an appointment.” 

Randi Weingarten, the leader of the United Federation of Teachers who has also been mentioned by Mr. Paterson as a possible replacement for Ms. Clinton, made a subtle dig at Ms. Kennedy’s educational qualifications. Ms. Weingarten said that she had been a point person in the city’s public schools for more than a decade, then said of her initial chat with Ms. Kennedy, “I’m glad she reached out yesterday.”

Republican Representative Pete King, who is considering running for the seat, said he thinks it will be hard for Mr. Paterson to say no to Ms. Kennedy, given the extraordinary lengths she has gone to show her interest in the position.

“My feeling is right now is that he is going to pick her,” said Mr. King. “I just don’t think she would be doing this much if David hadn’t given her a signal that she was going to be the choice.”

Noblesse Supreme: Caroline Kennedy Stakes Her Claim