Schnabel on 60 Minutes: Nada on Chupi Sales, Pox on Hughes

Julian Schnabel sat for an interview with 60 Minutes‘ Morley Safer, aired on Sunday night, in the grand environs of the Palazzo Chupi condos in the West Village. While they marvelled together at the Manhattan and river views, the duo did not discuss the slow sales and the price-chops there (more on that here and here).

The interview, instead, was understandably about Mr. Schnabel the artist and the movie-maker and the apparently very thin-skinned when it comes to critic Robert Hughes. The critic once on the artist: “Schnabel’s work is to painting what Sylvester Stallone’s is to acting…”

Go to minute 8:14 in the above clip for Mr. Schnabel’s response (“He’s a bum!”) and minute 9:20 (“I’m still pissed off about talking about Robert Hughes.”) It’s as priceless as a fine work of art.