The Future of Print is … Peaches Geldof

Via The Guardian: Import socialite, Brooklyn resident, model, clothing designer, Nylon columnist, and possibly desperate housewife Peaches Geldof will continue to expand her inorganic hipster brand with the release of Disappear Here, a new magazine she co-edits with James Brown (the GQ editor fired for including “the Nazis” in his list of the 200 most stylish men of the century).

Described by the pair as a “women’s mag that appeals to men,” the first issue–which will be distributed for free this Thursday at 50 record shops, bars, boutiques and clubs in London and New York–includes a column by British Socialist Tony Benn, prank (“wind-up” in British!) calls to the right-wing British National Party, Ms. Geldof’s interviews with Vivienne Westwood and Pete Doherty, fashion shoots, and “lots of new bands.” Composed of 120 pages and no advertising, Issue 0 is meant to be a “taster” for the quarterly, ad-funded Issue 1, which is due in March 2009.

As for her inspiration, Ms. Geldof cites a bunch of European magazines we don’t know (Heat? Dazed & Confused?) along with Vice (uh-o) and NME.

“This is basically my job,” she told the newspaper. “This is the main focus of my energies…I want it to be a blank canvas for young talent – whether that’s writers, photographers, graphic designers, artists or the bands and designers that we cover.”

But don’t let that fool you into thinking that the precocious Ms. Geldof doesn’t know her indie history! Mr. Brown told the interviewer “My main criterion was – if I’ve heard of it, it probably shouldn’t go in. I had doubts about interviewing Billy Childish because he’s been around for such a long time, but Peaches said he was Kurt Cobain‘s big influence and we should feature him, so we did.” 

The weakened state of the print industry was clearly not a deterrent for the two, who explained that “This first issue cost less than three first-class flights to New York.” As if that comparison weren’t enough to remind you of who you’re dealing with, The Gaurdian was sure to point out that “Geldof, Brown, and [manager and partial owner Andy] Varley have plenty of other work and are not relying on the magazine for their income. Brown is understood to have made a fortune from the sale of IFG and works as a consultant, while Geldof makes money modelling and laughs at her agent’s £300 haircuts.”

The Future of Print is … Peaches Geldof