Tom Brokaw Hands Off ‘Meet the Press’ to David Gregory

The seemingly epic search for Tim Russert’s replacement as the next long-term moderator of Meet the Press is finally over. This morning, after an interview with President Elect Barack Obama, interim moderator Tom Brokaw welcomed David Gregory into the studio and, over the course of a five-minute segment, officially handed the show off to the network’s erstwhile Chief White House Correspondent.

“I’ve thought a lot about what it means to success–succeed somebody like Tim Russert,” said Mr. Gregory. “I’m not Tim. But along with this great team, I can just work real hard to make him proud.”

“Part of the deal is that you can no longer break up Washington parties by doing your drop-dead imitation of me,” said Mr. Brokaw.

“I got that memo very carefully,” said Mr. Gregory.