$3 B. More for Transit in Stimulus as Nadler Bill Passes

nadlergetty 0 $3 B. More for Transit in Stimulus as Nadler Bill PassesTack another $3 billion onto the federal stimulus tab, at least for the bill being debated in the House.

The U.S. House just voted to approve an amendment, sponsored by U.S. Representative Jerry Nadler of Manhattan and Brooklyn, that would add $3 billion to be spent on transit projects nationally. Transit advocates had complained the $9 billion currently in the House bill was paltry, especially given the Obama administration’s supportive rhetoric concerning public transportation.

Mr. Nadler told The Observer yesterday that too much of the stimulus was going to tax cuts, and there was not nearly enough spending to fully meet the goals of rescuing the economy.

That the bill passed was a bit of a surprise, as many interest groups and members of Congress wanted amendments of their own calling for new spending at the same time that Republicans have been pushing for less.