Actors at Inkheart Premiere Declare the Hudson River Plane Crash a ‘Fairytale’

While actors like Brandon Fraser and Paul Bettany were arriving on the Upper West Side last night for the premiere of Inkheart, a children’s fantasy adventure film about fictional characters from books coming to life, a rather fantastical event involving a plane landing in the Hudson River had happened that very afternoon in New York. 

“I’m very glad to say I was not thinking about the premiere when I saw the news,” said Mr. Bettany. “I went straight to the television to find out what the news of it was and whether everyone had been rescued and I can’t believe that they have been. That’s an amaaazing story.”

In the film, Mr. Bettany play a character named Dustfinger whose magic ability is to eat fire. But the aspect of his character that Mr. Bettany found more relatable is that Dustfinger hates the real world and desperately wants to return to the book from which he came. 

“He feels incredibly out of place in this world and its hectic nature, which sort of describes the experience of every film set I’ve ever been on–wanting to get home to my family,” said Mr. Bettany, who is married to the actress Jennifer Connolly

The Daily Transom wondered why the actor, having never really done a children’s film before, suddenly wanted to take his career in this direction.

“Because my children are wondering what I do!” he replied. “This is a film they can actually watch. But all films feel like fantasies really when you’re working on them. If I’m honest, they all feel very fantastical.”

Nineteen-year-old actor Rafi Gavron, who has all the makings of an Ed Westwick-type teen actor–British accent, squinty eyes, a tiny scar near his left eye–arrived wearing khakis, a white untucked shirt, blazer and moccasins. (Gossip Girl producers, take note!)

“Farid is essentially a slave and a thief. He comes out of the book of One Thousand and One Arabian Nights so I’m dressed up like a real life Aladdin and I have hair down to here,” Mr. Gavrin told the Daily Transom, pointing to his shoulder. “Which was miserable.”

The young actor was also stunned by the surreal events taking place in the city yesterday. 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! I was getting dressed right next door to it. I didn’t see it go down, but I’ve been watching the news non-stop. It’s amazing. It’s just madness,” said Mr. Gavron. “When you see a flock of geese as the headline on CNN, it’s like a joke, you know? I mean, a fucking flock of geese.”

Actress Sienna Guillory, who plays a mute character named Resa in the film, was following the news as she was getting dressed for the premiere.

“It’s extraordinary! I was watching it on TV as I was getting ready and it totally freaked me out,” she said. “It’s so remarkable that they managed to get everybody out. It’s a fairytale on its own.”

Actors at Inkheart Premiere Declare the Hudson River Plane Crash a ‘Fairytale’