Albany’s Democratic Opposition to Gillibrand, Obama’s Appeal to the House

Assemblyman Peter Rivera, Democrat, is trying to organize Latino opposition to Kirsten Gillibrand. [Albany Watch]

Gillibrand is going to Western New York this weekend. [POTH]

John Sweeney, the formerly embattled former congressman who Gillibrand unseated, wants a say in who gets the seat next. [Liz]

Two seats are opening up on the Public Service Commission, so, probably more Paterson appointments. [TU]

Barack Obama personally called on House Democrats to drop the family planning funding from the stimulus bill, in the name of bipartisanship. [AP]

Rochester’s newspaper supports the deal Chuck Schumer and Maggie Brooks struck on the RenSquare project. [Democrat &Chronicle]

Bill Clinton, whose adviser Terry McAuliffe is running for Virginia governor, is speaking at the state’s Democratic Party fund-raising dinner. [Hill]

Here is the transcript of Obama’s interview with Al Arabiya. [Al Arabiya]