AMC Website Goes Retro for The Prisoner Remake

With a third season of Mad Men still up in the air for 2009–hey Lionsgate, take your time in cutting a deal with Matthew Weiner–it is nice to see that AMC has planned ahead to fill the gaps in their programming slate. The network has recently wrapped shooting on its six-hour mini-series remake of the famed BBC show The Prisoner with the expectation that it will air sometime in 2009 (our best guess: summertime). The original series, which influenced everything from The Truman Show to Lost, starred Patrick McGoohan as Six, a former British agent trapped in “The Village”–a place where he is constantly watched by his captors as he tries to escape and get “information.” In a questionable casting move, James Caviezel stars as Six, while the more appropriate Sir Ian McKellen plays the nefarious role of Two.

For folks like us who only know The Prisoner from that crazy episode of The Simpsons where Homer ends up on a mystery island and keeps getting drugged, AMC has been kind enough to create an entire site devoted to the original 1967-1968 series. You can watch all seventeen fifty-minute episodes, or if you don’t have time, check out the Cliff Notes “Prisoner-in-a-Minute” episode recaps. Additionally, there are photo galleries and a trivia contest; the site is a virtual cornucopia of Prisoner fandom. The only problem? An awful Spanish-language banner ad that features a cartoon version of Death (looking like something out of Nightmare Before Christmas) who maniacally (and annoyingly) laughs anytime the mouse glides over it. After some research (we clicked on it), we figured out that the site is one of those that can tell you what time you’re going to die. Scary! But now, the ad has mysteriously disappeared and we can’t find the site. Hmmm. Could it be the handiwork of Number One? Cue The Prisoner theme