Blakeman Backs Out of Mayor’s Race, Rudy Weighs in on Senate

Republican Bruce Blakeman has announced that he is not running for mayor and is backing Michael Bloomberg. [Liz]

Eric Massa says he’s been wearing an F.D.R. button for three years. [Corning Leader via Rochester Turning]

The contractor supervising the crane that collapsed last summer has been indicted on manslaughter charges. [DN]

Here’s what Rudy Giuliani thinks New York needs in a senator. (Via Liz, who writes, “it kind of sounds like he’s floating himself for the job.”) [CNN]

Queens Crap says the mayor is trying to pull a “BIG fast one” by trying to shorten the ULURP process. [Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens Courier]

A Lost City blogger does not think less oversight of development is the right thing right now. [LCNY]