Coney Rezoning Officially Launches Tuesday

coneyislandrezoningdraft Coney Rezoning Officially Launches TuesdayIt’s official: The city will launch its ambitious rezoning of Coney Island on Tuesday. (More background here, in a post I wrote Friday.)

The city just sent out this statement from Mayor Bloomberg:

Last week in the State of the City speech, I discussed the importance of moving ahead with development plans that create the conditions for growth in places of opportunity like Coney Island. The start of the public process is an important step forward. The plan to revitalize to Coney Island will substantially increase the storied amusement area, creating a year-round attraction that will bring tourists and visitors to Brooklyn. And as we enhance that historic asset, we will also pave the way to the north and west for the development of more than 4,500 housing units and the creation of thousands of permanent and construction jobs. This plan protects and preserves the unique character of Coney Island while bringing new housing, shops and recreational facilities to a community that needs more of each.