David Carr: ‘I’m Totally Happy to Even Have a Job’

You might think it would be impossible for New York Times Carpetbagger David Carr to top his creepy Joker-inspired video dispatch from January 7th, but today, on The Daily Baggage, his Times-sponsored daily video show, he goes (pace Madness) one (more) step beyond.

Using dolls and some strategically deployed wardrobe items, Mr. Carr describes the challenges of packing for the Golden Globes, the Academy Award nomination announcements, and the Sundance Film Festival. One doll is meant to represent the Globes, another (which looks more like a nutcracker) is a stand-in for Sundance; a pair of sunglasses, a touk, and a bow tie are … Well, just watch it.

“I don’t want to complain,” Mr. Carr says, “I’m totally happy to even have a job, let alone race around and cover all of these events. It’s just gonna take a really big bag to include everything, including my friends”—here, he pulls his dolls into the frame—”that I need to bring with me.”