Diaz Satisfied, Unspecific on Same-Sex Marriage

ALBANY—The Senate Democrats are not saying much about same-sex marriage.

This issue, a sticking point for State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., was reported to have been a bargaining chip in the original leadership negotiations last month.

When asked yesterady if marriage equality was discussed in the conference meeting, Smith said, “There was no discussion about that issue. It was about three issues in this conference today. It was about the committee assignments, it was about the leadership, and it was about rules.”

Diaz spoke to reporters, and in an emotive exchange kept repeating, “I’m satisfied” and “I’m happy” when pressed on whether his support was once again traded for an agreement  that a same-sex marriage bill would not be brought to the floor.

It looks like the issue is back to where it was just after the election: not a priority.

Here’s a video of Diaz sealing his support of Smith with a handshake, from Capitol Confidential’s Irene Jay Liu:

Diaz Satisfied, Unspecific on Same-Sex Marriage