Elsewhere: Gillibrand Goes for Senate, Paterson Says He’ll Talk to Senecas

Representative Kirsten Gillibrand says she talked to David Paterson about the Senate seat.

Pollster Tom Jensen feels validated over his findings on Caroline Kennedy.

FiveThirtyEight asks “What’s David Paterson waiting for?”

Michael Bloomberg will deliver his State of the City address tomorrow, and, not surprisingly, it will be about the economy.

“The Empire State has become a total wasteland for the Republican Party,” writes the folks at Beyond the Polls.

Now that the Senecas have threatened to charge their own tolls on the Thruway, Paterson says he wants to talk.

Ten Con Edison employees are charged with taking over $1 million in bribes.

High-level staffers from the agency that will make the decision have strongly advised the state not to accept the application for a hug new power line.

Freshman State Senator Brian Foley of Long Island is getting the chair of the powerful Banking Committee.

Randy Levine and Seth Pinsky went after Richard Brodsky at an Assembly hearing on the Yankees request for more tax-free bonds.

An upstate blogger busts Eric Massa for having his hydrogen vehicle towed back home with S.U.V.s.

Jonathan Lippman’s wife fainted during his appointment ceremony.

George Bush is leaving office with a positive bump in the polls.

Who knew it was possible to be impeached more than once?