Elsewhere: Kennedy for Senate, Really Maybe, Still

The A.P., citing unnamed sources close to David Paterson, says Caroline Kennedy will get the Senate seat.

Not surprisingly, not all conservatives are happy.

Gawker notes Paterson is “a delightful renegade maverick” who might just pick someone else.

This blogger thinks Kennedy would “simply be a yes-woman” for Obama.


And just in time: Kennedy for Senate merchandise!

Arabs in Bay Ridge react to the violence in Gaza.

Business Week predicts Michael Bloomberg, or some other billionaire, rescues The New York Times this year.

Jackie Salit’s ruminations on the Independence Party pop up on Huffington Post.

A writer on Fox Forum wishes Bloomberg would “resolve to publicly acknowledge” a “total subversion of democracy.”

Sarah and Bristol Palin issue a reminder that teen pregnancy is not “ideal.”

Former Observer reporter Greg Sargent is leaving Talking Points Memo to write for a new site being launched by The Washington Post.




Elsewhere: Kennedy for Senate, Really Maybe, Still