Elsewhere: More Oddo, Clinton’s Confirmation, Quinn on Taxes

Hillary Clinton’s confirmation hearing is Tuesday.

In his State of the State speech, David Paterson spoke of hate crimes.

Dan Jacoby observes the end of the very short reign of Long Island in Albany.

Everybody loves Tom DiNapoli.

Anthony Weiner is the featured guest at Citizens Union January 12 breakfast.

So much for that free wi-fi in city parks.

Already: Caroline Kennedy versus Peter King.

When it came time to vote on Malcolm Smith as majority leader, Senators didn’t do a roll call vote, but a voice vote instead.

Hiram Monserrate hung out with his former Gang of Three colleagues.

Christine Quinn tells Eliot Brown that East River tolls give Manhattan something of a “free ride.”

A Room 8 blogger asks why the Brennan Center didn’t look at the dysfunction in the Illinois legislature.

Salary information breeds anger with one public school teacher.

The ubiquitous Obama poster finds a permanent home.

Bob Kappstatter meditates on Adolfo Carrion’s uncertain future.

Jim Molinaro is running for a third term, which probably gives the City Council four more years of Jimmy Oddo.

Marty Markowitz wants to have his cheesecake and eat it too on the Brooklyn Detention Center, writes Gowanus Lounge.

Michael Bloomberg’s population growth projections may need to be reconsidered (via QC, which has a neat graph).

Roy Edroso says the database of public employee salaries is a new toy for the “lazy journalist.”

There is some love, if not total understanding for the Observer grows.

Elsewhere: More Oddo, Clinton’s Confirmation, Quinn on Taxes