VSL:WEB // What the bomb would do to your hometown

Ground Zero is an evil-minded, utterly absorbing Web app that uses Google Maps and Javascript to simulate the blast radius of any number of nuclear weapons. It allows you to see just how far away you’d need to get from a bomb detonation in your hometown — or to take your aggressions out on someone else’s city.

Pick a place, pick a weapon (China’s ultra-modern 140-kiloton DF-31 will do), and press the NUKE IT! button. You’ll be surprised to see how small Fat Man and Little Boy were in comparison with the Soviets’ 50-megaton Tsar Bomba: If you detonated it in Amsterdam, the blast radius would reach Utrecht. But all the bombs in the world are firecrackers when you compare their impact with that of an asteroid (something Ground Zero also allows you to do). How bad would that be? Just ask the dinosaurs.

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