New York Times Issues Correction Over Misinterpreted SATC Episode

Last weekend, Sunday Styles’s  Alex Williams explored a complaint that New Yorkers have had for as long as they have occupied the island: that the city is not what it used to be, that it’s no longer this because it’s becoming too much of that.

To acknowldge the ubiquity and timelessness of such a thesis, Mr. Williams referenced an episode of Sex and the City in which a former party girl named Lexi Featherston declares New York “Over — O-V-E-R,” when told to blow her cigarette smoke out the window at a house party. According to Mr. Williams, the statement was made more definitive as Ms. Featherstone proceeded to jump out the window.

But on Sunday, the Times issued a correction to the article:

Because of an editing error, an article last Sunday about the perceived reduction of New York City’s power and prestige referred incorrectly to the character Lexi Featherston in “Sex and the City,” who said “New York is over — O-V-E-R.” She fell from an open window; she did not jump from it.

Perhaps Mr. Williams should sit through the DVD box set before he writes about SATC again.