Lineup for January 14th, 2009

John Koblin looks at the New York press’ relationship with Caroline Kennedy and writes, “After Mrs. Clinton entered her own media storm when reports surfaced that Barack Obama might pick her as Madame Secretary, the New York press corps entered a maddening fury in a series of process stories over the next few weeks: Cuomo is the favorite! No, wait, Caroline is! No, wait, wait, no one likes her! Well, maybe it will be her, after all.” Related: Paterson’s Choice: The Feminist Versus the Woman.

Felix Gillette meets Jonathan Alpert, “Manhattan’s most media-friendly psychotherapist,” and concludes, “While 2009 might be a historically grim era for car manufacturers, investment bankers and newspaper scribes, it’s a go-go market for any media expert able to go on camera and speak convincingly about the psychic ills afflicting New Yorkers.”

Leon Neyfakh talks to Jason Ashlock, founder of Moveable Type Literary Group, who “admits it’s a funny time to be starting an agency, considering publishers are cutting staff, shrinking their lists and by most accounts, paying less money for books.”

Plus: Early AdoptersRex SorgatzGurley v. The Evildoers.