Maloney Says We Need a Sullenberger; Meeks Says Last Night ‘Very Fluid’

Representative Carolyn Maloney – a Senate hopeful – appeared on MSNBC this morning and tried extrapolating a political lesson from the airplane crash in the Hudson.

“We did have one good news with the tragedy with the U.S. airplane landing, and many of us were very pleased that Captain Sullenberger was a really experienced captain that brought that plane down safely and saved so many lives,” she said.

Maloney added, “We certainly didn’t need a pilot with a manual [and] on-the-job training, and we can’t have that now.”

When asked if she thought Caroline Kennedy “made the right move” and dropped out, Maloney sidestepped the question, and instead said that she had great respect for Kennedy and accepted her public explanation.

“I support her for putting family first,” Maloney said. Before leaving, Maloney said, “We need someone who is up to date and ready to go, and I’m in that category.”

Representative Greg Meeks was on the show earlier, and the host read to him the quote he gave to Jason Horowitz in which the congressman denied that Kennedy was dropping out. “[T]he folks that I talked to in the governor’s office that I trust told me that it’s not true,” Meeks said last night.

The host asked whether David Paterson was “completely blindsided.”

“Apparently. I think it was a very fluid situation last night,” Meeks said. “When I initially spoke to that reporter, it was around 9:30, 10 o’clock and from all sources that I talked to at that time, it was not true.” Meeks went on to say, “Somewhere early in the morning, in the two, 2:30 area, I was told she had changed her mind and that she decided not to pursue it.”

When asked if there was “fallout” for Paterson, Meeks said, “No.”

 “Paterson had nothing to do with it,” he said. “It’s something internal with Caroline Kennedy.”

Maloney Says We Need a Sullenberger; Meeks Says Last Night ‘Very Fluid’