Merchandising Senator Gillibrand

HYDE PARK—A few people have been spotted already wearing these buttons, which celebrate Kirsten Gillibrand’s elevation to the U.S. Senate.

Tom Poelker, chairman of the Greene County Democratic Party, let me snap a picture of his lapel. He said someone was handing out the buttons Friday evening after Gillibrand was officially named earlier in the day.

I asked him how things were shaping up in the race to replace her, in which candidates will be determined by a consensus of the 10 county party chairmen. He said the Democrats would have a candidate “before Superbowl kickoff on Sunday.”

Over 30 candidates have thrown their hats into the ring already, he said, and those are just the Democrats. On the Republican side, notably, State Senator Betty Little and Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco are both seeking the seat.