Michael Cera’s Next Move: Bad Guy

cera and gf Michael Ceras Next Move: Bad GuyIt’s been a busy week for Michael Cera, but then again, when you’re America’s favorite hoodie-wearing, sensitive guitar player, every week is a busy one. Seriously. This guy gets more press than Vice President Joe Biden. Just to catch you up on his comings and goings: forty-seven actors were cast alongside Mr. Cera in the much anticipated Edgar Wright adaptation of the graphic novel Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (actually only 10); Paper Heart, the "secret" mockumentary about love and relationships that he made with girlfriend Charlyne Yi, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to moderately good reviews; and he infuriated legions of Arrested Development fans by once again scorning the prospective film project.

About that last one: In an interview with MTV at Sundance, Mr. Cera called the movie "more hypothetical than people think" because, as of yet, there is no script. And of that future script, the erstwhile George Michael said "he’d possibly put [it] in my shredder." Harsh! Admittedly when we read his comments the first word that came to our minds was "douche." But after watching actual footage of the interview (you can find it here), we’re convinced that Mr. Cera is not only a comic genius, but also auditioning for his next role.

The issue with Michael Cera has long been whether he can sustain his one (awesome) note to a long and prosperous film career. And with a slew of similar characters upcoming, he’s trying his damnedest to prove that he can. However! There has to be a next step–he can’t play the geeky teenager forever–and that’s probably why he’s been so reticent to agree on making the Arrested Development movie. Well, we’ve found his calling. After seeing both this interview and his fake blow up at Judd Apatow during the "filming" of Knocked Up, we’re convinced Mr. Cera is poised to play a great villain. Not only does he possess the biting superiority of Bill Murray, he’s got a bit of slimy charm that reminds us of a young James Spader (think: Less Than Zero). He’s the nice guy who can stab you in the back at a moments notice. An enterprising casting director should send him something like In the Company of Men post-haste and watch the plaudits roll in. The guy is a natural! Even Mr. Cera seems to be on-board. As he says at the end of the interview, "I enjoy being the villain". Who are we to argue?


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