Mid-Morning Read: Percoco’s Campaign, Monserrate’s Video, Bloomberg’s Pay

Errol Louis said Harry Reid has a “double standard” when it comes to blocking Roland Burris but seating Al Franken. “I think that is just such a crock,” said Louis.

Andrew Cuomo’s aide, Joe Percoco, is quietly trying to derail Caroline Kennedy’s senate bid.

Maureen Dowd wrote, “I know Caroline Kennedy. She’s smart.”

When you ask the entire country, 45 percent want Caroline Kennedy.

Steven Edwards says Kennedy’s appointment would be proof that America has a “governing class.”

Eric Massa, at swearing in, says “it’s time to get something done.”

Politico named him and Representative Dan Maffei as “up and coming” lawmakers.

As the State Senate leadership fight ends, a Republican senator reports that a gubernatorial aide tried to get him to flip.


Paterson will propose extending dependent health care to people under 30.

Labor groups will march “no matter what the weather.”


The Poughkeepsie Journal News wants details of the economic stimulus package.

The mayor of Upper Brookville on Long Island passed away.

Unnamed law enforcement officials say Hiram Monserrate will be convicted of assault once people see the video of the incident.

Malcolm Smith got enough votes to become Majority Leader, and didn’t cede that much to the Gang of Three.

Here’s a list of the committee assignments.

A bus used by Mike Ricatto’s City Council campaign struck and killed a 9-year-old boy.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested for having a suspended license.

Six percent of city employees make more than $100,000.

Goo-goos hope Malcolm Smith follows through with his pledge to be a reformer.

Karol Sheinin is getting married, and blogs all about it.

The average salary for a person working in Bloomberg’s office: $71,626.

Paterson is unpredictable.

But he’ll be upbeat in his speech today.

Or, maybe not.

Don’t expect money to rebuild the Tapanzee Bridge.

Sorry Bronx residents: Hugo Chavez isn’t giving away free home heating oil anymore.

LIPA chief Kevin Law may get a job with the Obama administration.

The chairman of the Dutchess County Legislature wants to see “the greening of waste management.”

John Hall will hold his first town hall meeting of the year on Saturday.

Here’s audio of Bloomberg’s interview with radio host Nachum Segal.

And here’s video of Malcolm Smith, as majority leader.

Mid-Morning Read: Percoco’s Campaign, Monserrate’s Video, Bloomberg’s Pay