Monserrate Spends $15K on ‘Reputation Management’

ALBANY—State Senator Hiram Monserrate brought his elections filings up to date, and records show he paid $15,000 to a reputation management firm two weeks after he was accused of assaulting his girlfriend.

Monserrate’s January filings show his campaign committee paid $15,000 to Dolce Goldin, the home firm of former Inside City Hall host Davidson Goldin.

“Like most elected officials, I receive, from time to time, advice from media consultants,” Monserrate said when asked if the payment was for services rendered related to the alleged assault. (Monserrate has pleaded not guilty and his accuser has publicly changed her story.) “It’s all part of what we do, and that’s what I contracted them for.

Filings closer to his November election do not show similar payments. Monserrate also paid $2,500 to campaign finance attorney Leo Glickman, and received a $350 contribution from the State Fraternal Order of Police in January.

State Senator Pedro Espada’s filings are still not up to speed, but he has dispatched Daniel Pagano, who did legal work for him in his primary campaign against Efrain Gonzalez.

Monserrate Spends $15K on ‘Reputation Management’