Move Over, Angelina!

But then there’s our wish list, those who should be busting out but might need another year or two to grow. We’re ready for raven-haired cutie Ginnifer Goodwin to be known for something besides being the adorable (as opposed to bitchy or saintly) wife on Big Love. Will He’s Just Not That Into You do the trick? Or maybe A Single Man? Let’s hope so. Ditto for Michelle Monaghan, who we in no way blame for her involvement in Made of Honor. After all, we saw her in the yet-to-be-bought Trucker, and we know what she can do. We’re rooting for you, lady!

Now, we happened to be one of the 11 people who saw Viggo Mortensen’s holiday Holocaust movie Good (and, for the record, we thought it was great), and so we’d like to put Jason Isaacs on our wish list, too. Someone give this man a leading role! He plays the evil Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, and we say he’s ready! Finally, can anyone please rescue Barry Pepper from whatever drove him to appear in Seven Pounds? Remember how good he was in The 25th Hour? Spike? Mr. Norton? Are you listening?

We hope. So in terms of next year: Pepper, get a tux. Ms. Hall, plan on showing up—we don’t care what you’re starring in at the Old Vic. And Renée? No offense, but please stay home.