My, What High Definition Blue Eyes You Have!

So! We’ve had this sort of thing for House for awhile now. We know, we know, the episodes are formulaic — crazy weird disease with no one knowing what to do! Forty-five minutes to almost kill the patient tying to find out what’s wrong before the answer is found through Dr. House’s sheer brilliance in the last 11 minutes!–and we happen to know that there is no such shiny hospital called Princeton-Plainsboro (nor can we figure out what those aerial shots of Princeton are supposed to be except maybe Canada). But you know what? It just doesn’t matter, and here’s why: Hugh Laurie.

Words can not express how much we love this actor (how about that awesome SAG speech the other night?) but also really how much we love his character. Gregory House is deeply weird and wounded, smart and bitter, funny and occasionally cruel (just like every guy we’ve ever fallen in love with, sigh); even if he was treating the same patient week after week, we’d probably still be watching. But, a funny thing has happened. We finally joined the rest of the world and got a high definition television and cable box and our whole world has changed. Seriously. Who knew that there were channels in the 700s? But really, who knew that watching House in HD was going to take our odd little obsession to a whole new level!

Because….holy smokes, the way this show looks now! The blood appears disturbingly real (kinda clumpy and gross), as does the brains and guts and stuff, plus we can see odd hairline irregularities and flaws on all those disturbingly good looking actors — even forehead wrinkles on the lovely Jennifer Morrison. The beautiful Olivia Wilde (who, for the record, we totally love and are happy she’s on the show but wish the powers-that-be spent a little less time on her and her new lovey dovey personality and more on the rapidly disappearing Wilson and Dr. Chase) looks kind angular, like Paula Abdul in that one really weird Promise of a New Day video. But you know who manages to look even hotter than usual? We think you know. Man, HD is truly Hugh Laurie’s friend. We can only wonder what’s going to happen when we see Coach Taylor in HD during Friday Night Lights.