No Princess Brides! ‘Elope!’ Says Hudson; ‘Don’t Marry the Wrong Person,’ Says Hathaway

hudson and hathaway No Princess Brides! Elope! Says Hudson; Dont Marry the Wrong Person, Says HathawayFor someone who recently had to endure a very public, and very embarrassing, breakup from her felonious ex-boyfriend (Italian real estate developer Raffaello Follieri), the actress Anne Hathaway has been starring in an unfortunate number of films about marriage lately–the dark comedy Rachel Getting Married and Bride Wars, which premiered Monday evening at the Lincoln Square Cinema on the Upper West Side. And so Ms. Hathaway had to field some uncomfortable questions at the Bride Wars premiere about Mr. Follieri, with whom she ended things just as he was arrested on fraud charges and subsequently shipped off to prison.

At the premiere, Ms. Hathaway did what any well-coached actress would do: She flashed her enviably white teeth, tugged on her hair extensions, and squirmed (delicately!) in her overly sophisticated pantsuit, before delivering her recipe for surviving a "tough year."

"I go home to Mom. I’m very close with my family, so whenever you feel lost or down or… wronged, I say, go wherever home is," said Ms. Hathaway, who grew up in Millburn, New Jersey.

It seems that signing up for one project after another can be of help as well.

"I love to work. I will do anything that anyone asks me to do, basically," said Ms. Hathaway, again parting her glossed lips to reveal perfect Chiclet squares. "With Rachel the experience was so intense and so profound, that I really wanted to do the opposite-whatever that was."

The "opposite" was Bride Wars, about two best friends (the perpetually perky Kate Hudson plays Ms. Hathaway’s sidekick) who turn into Bridezilla-inspired demon brides when their respective weddings are accidentally booked on the same day.

"She’s pretty tough, but I can take her," said Ms. Hudson, dressed in a mermaid Oscar de la Renta gown, of her co-star. "I felt like my character was actually the real type-A personality and you would think that I would be the one to do all of the evil things. But because Annie is sort of the softie in the movie, we made her do all the sabotages." Mwahaha!

Designer Vera Wang provided the gowns for the movie. The Transom wondered if Ms. Wang-whose wedding gowns are the critical counterparts to Tiffany’s and the Plaza Hotel in the world of upper-middle-class wedding planning-was herself a vicious bride when she married husband Arthur Becker. "I was just happy to get married at all at 40!" said Ms. Wang.

But the film’s screenwriter and new Saturday Night Live cast member Casey Wilson admitted that when she gets married, her behavior may be eerily reminiscent of her characters’.

"I’m going to try not to be, but it’s easy to get into that spiral," she told the Transom. "I don’t think I’ll really care about anything except for–Every. Single. Aspect."

We asked designer Erin Fetherston, who is currently planning a wedding to French artist Hedi Ferjani, whether she would be a bride monster.

"I don’t really subscribe to that," said Ms. Fetherston, gazing through her peroxide-blonde curtain of bangs. "I think I have quite a bit of experience in terms of event planning, given that I do huge fashion shows every couple of months, so I think I’m used to it. The two are quite similar."

Alex McCord, one of the Real Housewives of New York cast members, told the Transom that her wedding to hotel manager Simon von Kempen was a "very New York wedding."

"We planned the whole wedding together and we were very mellow; we took only six months, really, to plan," said Ms. McCord, as her fellow Housewives gabbed nearby. "We were married at Maxine’s; my bridal shower was at the Plaza."

"But it was easy!" Mr. von Kempen chimed in. "We only had about 100 people. We had people coming from Australia, Hungary, England. And we have a lot of Jewish friends as well so we had to have the wedding on a Sunday."

"But it all really came together," said Ms. McCord. "What I love is that nine years later, people are actually still talking about our wedding so I think we set the bar pretty high. I guess it was the food, the venue-"

"And us!" said her husband.

"Yeah, we’re still married," replied Ms. McCord.

Ms. Hudson, who divorced Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson in 2007, had some advice for future brides.

"You literally just get so stressed out. You’re dealing with two families, you’re dealing with your parents-some parents try to stay out of it, but they always have to have their word," she said. "It’s like putting a movie together; it’s a big production! I say, elope and have the party later."

Ms. Hathaway’s advice was possibly the most useful of the evening: "Don’t marry the wrong person. That’s the best thing not to do at a wedding."

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