Paterson Again Rehashes Kennedy, Condemns Leak

HYDE PARK—Confronted with criticism that his aides anonymously trashed Caroline Kennedy after she withdrew her bid to be a U.S. senator, David Paterson said he “condemn[s]” the leaks.

“I advised her that she might consider some options, because dropping out would encourage this kind of frenzy, where everyone’s trying to figure out why,” Paterson said. “There was nothing related to any of the candidates in the background work that we did that would have disqualified any of them. I’m denying it, but there’ve been leaks coming from my administration throughout this entire process of choosing a senator of contradictory information. Now, as you said, this is a pretty serious thing, and actually, one that I would condemn for whomever was gossiping about the reasons that Ms. Kennedy would have withdrawn from the race.”

“I really wish that people would respect the decision that she made and let her go on with her life,” Paterson continued. “I don’t think there’s any public interest that’s served by finding out why somebody chose to take a different course in their lives.”

Later, Paterson stopped short of promising an investigation, noting, “I would like to know who is responsible, but at this point I’ve been unable to do it.”