Report: U.S. News To Go Weekly Again as Digital Edition

In November, U.S. News & World Report went from biweekly to monthly after it had already scaled itself back from a weekly publication in June.

Now, Portfolio‘s Mixed Media blogger Jeff Bercovici reports that the magazine is returning to a weekly schedule, albeit in a digital-only form. The new publication will be called U.S. News Weekly—a mouthful of a title that sounds almost as curious as Esquire Fortnightly, the men’s magazine’s brief ’70s-era experiment.

According to Mr. Bercovici, U.S. News Weekly will take the form of a downloadable .pdf file that looks like the magazine “complete with a cover and table of contents” and be available to the print publication’s subscribers or as a stand-alone subscription for $19.95-a-year.

Mr. Bercovici quotes U.S. News editor Brian Kelly as saying, “We’re creating a tailored product for readers that does what the old newsweeklies did, which was to stop time for people and say ‘What the heck happened over the last week?’ and make sense of it.”