School of Squawk: The Daily Show’s Jason Jones Goes to Pundit School

Last night, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart‘s Jason Jones—he of the in-development cooking show sitcom—did a segment on how regular folks like you, me, or that guy Chris Matthews humiliated on air for not knowing what Neville Chamberlain did last May, can attain the lofty title of “pundit.”

Mr. Jones attends a seminar at Media Training Worldwide, where he learned how to use his hands to express enthusiasm, “bold action words,” and how to “disregard everything you know about human decency” in order to make it on cable news and beyond. Hey, it works for Ann Coulter—the best-selling author and beloved TV staple has a meaty role at the end of Mr. Jones’ report—who brought her talents to ABC’s The View yesterday.

Then again, yesterday also brought professional contrarian Christopher Hitchens’ appearance on FOX News’ The O’Reilly Factor which was sadly marked by the pundit complaining to the host that “we barely got our trousers off.”

That’s the kind of wit you can’t learn at a fancy pundit school.