Smith Fills Out Leadership Team

ALBANY—With his office all set, State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith has named the remaining members of his leadership team. Last week, he announced that State Senator David Valesky would serve as vice president pro tempore. He’s also named most of the committee chairs.

Here’s a complete set of new titles, and attached stipends (which are set by statute):

Malcolm Smith, temporary president and majority leader: $41,500

David Valesky, vice president pro tempore: $34,000

Carl Kruger, chairman of the Finance Committee: $34,000

Jeff Klein, deputy majority leader for legislative affairs: $34,000

Martin Dilan, senior assistant majority leader: $27,500

Neil Breslin, assistant majority leader for conference operations: $25,000

Bill Stachowski, assistant majority leader for house operations: $25,000

Ruth Hassell-Thompson, chair of the majority conference: $25,000

Tom Duane, chair of the majority program development committee: $25,000

Kevin Parker, majority whip: $22,000

Toby Ann Stavisky, vice chair of the majority conference: $22,000

Antoine Thompson, deputy majority whip: $20,500

Jose Serrano, secretary of the majority conference: $22,000

Diane Savino, chair of the majority steering committee: $20,500

Velmanette Montgomery, assistant majority whip: $19,500

Pedro Espada Jr., vice president of the senate for urban policy and plnning: (no stipend)

Suzi Oppenheimer, deputy majority leader for intergovernmental affairs: (no stipend)

Eric Adams Schneiderman, deputy majority leader for policy: (no stipend)

John Sampson, deputy majority leader for state-federal relations: (no stipend)

UPDATE:Smith spokesman Austin Shafran called to say they initially gave out he wrong name for deputy majority leader for policy.

Smith Fills Out Leadership Team