Sunday, January 25

sunday Sunday, January 25Thaw the frozen social glacier that is January in a global recession! Jovial sex toy emporium Babeland offers “Sex & Dating Netiquette: The Secrets to Finding Online Love,” a class targeting the “digitally lovelorn,” or anyone who has ever signed up for in a moment of self-pity like we once did only to discover that every man on the Internet is 5-foot-7 and wears two different size shoes. And it’s only going to get worse, suckers: Now that socially gluttonous Fashion Week is on a recession diet, with parties being canceled left and right, we’ll soon have to contend with models, fashion editors and $4,000 dresses made out of featherswithout the free booze!

[“Sex & Dating Netiquette: The Secrets to Finding Online Love” at Babeland, 43 Mercer Street, 8 p.m., RSVP to]