The Golden Globes: Too Much Kate, Not Enough Ricky and an Actual Oscar Race

leo and kate The Golden Globes: Too Much Kate, Not Enough Ricky and an Actual Oscar RaceFor all the problems we have with The Golden Globes–they’re haphazardly produced, completely ridiculous and totally second rate–we cannot stress how much fun it is to watch them each year. Mostly, that has to do with the fact that the stars drink during the ceremony. A lot. Last night, after Slumdog Millionaire won for Best Screenplay, the camera cut to a relaxed looking Brad Pitt, who leaned over to Angelina Jolie and asked, "What was that for?" Do you think you’d see something like that at the Oscars? We doubt it! The show ran "extremely late" this year (thanks, Kate Winslet–we’ll get to you in a moment!) and it was still done by 11:02 p.m. If this were the Oscars we were talking about, 11:02 would be the starting time of the third musical number. You can find all the winners from the night here, but in the meantime here are a handful of our thoughts.

The Best Supporting Actress race is actually a race!

While at this point most of the Academy Award categories seem to have locked-in winners before the nominations are even announced (get used to seeing the folks behind Slumdog Millionaire on stage), the Best Supporting Actress race is totally wide open. Kate Winslet won the Golden Globe for her role in The Reader, but it is not very hard to envision a scenario where any of the other Globe nominees–Marisa Tomei, Amy Adams, Viola Davis and Penelope Cruz–could take home the Oscar gold. If those five ladies actually make it to the Kodak Theater, this could be the most competitive Oscar category we’ve seen in years.

Kate Winslet: Wrap it up!

We adore Kate Winslet. She truly is one of the best actresses working today and we think her performance in Revolutionary Road is completely worthy of any awards she receives this year. However! Enough is enough with this idea that Ms. Winslet is a long-suffering loser. She might have five Oscar nominations and zero wins to her name, but she is still only 33-years-old. The term "long-suffering" does not apply here. So when Ms. Winslet won two awards last night, her histrionics were a little too much for us to take. We get it, Kate; you want to win. But do you have to make winning look so contrived? In fact, the only time Ms. Winslet showed any real emotion at all during her incessant 10 minutes of rambling was when she told Leonardo DiCaprio that she loved him. Those two need to get a room already.

Ricky Gervais and Tracy Morgan should host all awards shows!

After his riotous appearance at the Emmy Awards, we weren’t the least bit surprised when Ricky Gervais came out as a presenter last night and totally killed–the man is the definition of comic genius. But damn is he funny! With beer in hand, Mr. Gervais prattled on in his typically caustic manner, joking about everything from Holocaust movies to Ghost Town, and proved once again that the Oscars made a tremendous mistake by not handing him the hosting duties for this year. Meanwhile, later on, when accepting the Best Comedy Series award for 30 Rock, Tracy Morgan officially became Tracy Jordan. Decked out in a white tuxedo that looked fresh off the Love Boat, the comedian gave a shout out to show executive producer "Lornie Mikes" and announced that he was the face of "post-racial America". Hilarious! Messrs. Gervais and Morgan need to host the Emmy Awards in 2009, or, at the very least, get themselves into a buddy comedy together. Deal with that, Cate Blanchett.