The Return of DiBrienza

Steve DiBrienza, a former City Councilman known for jousting with former mayor Rudy Giuliani, confirmed he plans to run for his old job again in Brooklyn’s 39th District.

“Yes, I am looking to run for City Council,” he said in a telephone chat.

When asked about his battles with Giuliani, DiBrienza said they were always rooted in his advocacy for the district.

He said those fights were “important and necessary” in order to protect “the most vulnerable New Yorkers.”

He was forced out of the Council in 2001 because of term limits, and ran unsuccessfully for Public Advocate. He considered running for state senate the following year. But since then, DiBrienza said he’s “been teaching at Baruch, practicing law in Windsor Terrace,” and that he feels “completely connected to the district. It’s where I live, work and struggle, just like everybody else.”

DiBrienza declined to state his position on the term-limits extension that the City Council voted for late last year, saying “I’d have to give you a whole discussion about that.” He also did not say who he was supporting in the mayor’s race later this year.

The district is currently represented by Bill de Blasio, who is vacating his seat to run for public advocate. Already running for the seat are Brad Lander, Bob Zuckerman, Gary Reiley, Josh Skaller, Craig Hammerman, and John Heyer.

The Return of DiBrienza