The Stars of SATC Are Signing On for the (Long-Rumored!) Sequel

It looks like the Sex and the City sequel is actually going to happen. We’re not sure where the plot will take the three non-single ladies (at the end of the first SATC movie, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda were all paired off), but according to Us Weekly, all four stars are planning to close the deal shortly. 

An unnamed source tells the magazine, “Not all the contracts are signed, but everyone is on board. It just happened.”

The last of the many SATC promotional events that the Daily Transom attended was the DVD release party in September. On the red carpet that night, Ms. Cattrall didn’t deny the possibility of a sequel or confirm it. She simply told the Daily Transom, “Samantha is single so the sky is the limit! I love Samantha single.”

Meanwhile, Charlotte’s gay wedding planner Mario Cantone said at the time,  “In the sequel, I want Brad Pitt to play my boyfriend! Why not? He gave $100,000 to turn over the California gay marriage law. So, there! He should play my boyfriend.”

But perhaps we should have known that a sequel was a done deal even then, especially after speaking with Willie Garson, the actor who plays Stanford Blatch, Carrie’s gay best friend.

“We are so grateful!” said Mr. Garson. “To take a $60 million movie and make it into $500 million, I’ll give the fans whatever they want. That’s why we’re hustling out this DVD, we’re done torturing them.”

But it seems that the torture was far from complete, because even Mr. Garson was already thinking of plot points for his character.

“I’d like Stanford to find a life partner or at least find a very old woman to take care of him,” he said.



The Stars of SATC Are Signing On for the (Long-Rumored!) Sequel