Wall Streeters: $18 B., That’s It?

mrburnsbillypalooza 1 Wall Streeters: $18 B., Thats It?The Times‘ Ben White this morning breaks down the relatively paltry Wall Street bonus numbers released on Wednesday by the state comptroller, and ends on a note of profound sour grapes.

On Wall Street, where money is the ultimate measure, some employees apparently feel slighted by their diminished bonuses. A poll of 900 financial industry employees released on Wednesday by eFinancialCareers.com, a job search Web site, found that while nearly eight out of 10 got bonuses, 46 percent thought they deserved more.

Wowza! Despite the $18.4 billion paid out in 2008, an average of $112,000 per Master of the Universe, some wanted more. All of Gotham feels their pain.

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