Where’s Your Famous Blue Raincoat? Leonard Cohen to Play Beacon

OMG did we just read that Leonard Cohen is going to play his first American show in 15 years? And that it’s going to be in New York at The Beacon Theater on Feb 19??? According to Reuters, Mr. Cohen has been touring Canada and Europe since May, “forced back on the road after his … former manager and lover Kelley Lynch misappropriated more than $5 million, reducing his retirement account to $150,000. A Los Angeles court awarded him a $9 million civil judgment, but he has reportedly not been able to collect from Lynch.” Reuters says tickets go on sale Friday. But good luck with that—The Beacon seats 2,800 and something tells us demand for this show will probably exceed availibility. (No details on the Beacon’s Web site just yet.) Above, some random clip of “Chelsea Hotel No.2”