Yet Another Doctor Leaves Grey’s Anatomy! Also, The Sun Rises

If it’s Tuesday, it must be time for another Grey’s Anatomy cast member to leave the show. In what seems like a weekly occurrence, Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello is reporting that Australian actress Melissa George is exiting the show of her own accord. No word yet on when Ms. George’s final episode will air, but the actress states that her last day of shooting is supposedly set for today.

Hastily introduced as Meredith’s long lost BFF–who was never before mentioned, natch–Ms. George’s Sadie was actually doomed from the start. Originally, Ms. George was set to play a bisexual intern sent to heat up the onscreen relationship between Callie and Erica (actresses Sara Ramirez and Brooke Smith, respectively). However, that entire plot was scrapped after Ms. Smith was fired and ABC got cold feet about the whole lesbian-love-affair-during-prime-time thing. Stranded without a plot, Sadie was left to float around the halls of Seattle Grace looking for something to do. She flirted with Callie, though that hasn’t gone anywhere past hair touching; she pushed a wedge between original BFF’s Meredith and Christina; and in one particularly absurd episode, she almost died when she cut herself open so that a group of rogue interns could perform an appendectomy on her. But don’t worry! The following week saw her wandering the halls once again without any complications from the surgery.

Whenever Ms. George finally shuffles off the show for good, she will join the conga line of other actors and actresses who have left or will leave Grey’s before the year ends. At this rate, we wonder how the show can even staff up for another season. One suggestion? A total cast transplant. ER has survived for 15 seasons by constantly refreshing its cast; perhaps the time has come for Grey’s Anatomy to do the same thing.