Young Socialites Leaving the Parental Nest–Or Not

fabiola1 Young Socialites Leaving the Parental Nest  Or NotAmbitious twenty- and thirty-somethings in New York working in creative fields are living with their parents instead of getting a place of their own, reports Page Six Magazine. The magazine cites the celebrity examples of socialites Fabiola Beracasa, 32, and Charlotte Ronson, 31, who just this year left their respective parents’ lush residences–socialite Veronica Hearst‘s on the Upper East Side and Ann Dexter-Jones‘s duplex in the West Village.

But since Ms. Ronson, a successful designer, and Ms. Beracasa, creative director of the jewelry company Circa, have in fact taken steps to establish their domestic independence, they seem to contradict the magazine’s argument that this sort of thing is on the rise. Instead the two ladies may be examples of trends more having to do with who they are–nouveau socialites–than their age group. 

Old money families in New York tend to follow the Old World order of things–prestigious schooling, followed by coming out balls, followed by dedicated charity work, followed by marriage to a hedge fund manager or an investment banker. The first residence for which a real twentysomething socialite will likely leave her parents’ home may very well be her (first) husband’s, typically a few Upper East Side blocks away.

After all, if they did choose to move out in their early twenties, their parents would likely be paying the rent anyway, since these young women used to not have careers or incomes of their own. But today, young society women like Ms. Beracasa and Ms. Ronson pursue hobby-like careers (and incomes)–Lydia Hearst models, Zani Gugelmann makes jewelry, Dylan Lauren does candy, Arden Wohl is a filmmaker, and list goes on. And then there’s Olivia Palermo, who as a (rejected) newcomer on the high society scene seemed to understand all of this better than anyone.

A few months ago, Ms. Palermo moved out of her parents’ home into a Tribeca apartment, gave a tour of the place to Page Six Magazine, hired PR representation, announced she’d like to be an actress, and landed a role (playing herself) on The City

“I don’t have to work—my parents have always supported me in everything I’ve wanted to do—but I want to," she said. "I want to be an actress and a brand, and then I want to do some producing.”

Among young socialites, Ms. Palermo’s route is becoming an all the more common one. And Ms. Ronson’s or Ms. Beracasa’s leaving the comfort of their family’s homes is simply a nod to their income-producing careers. 



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