A Kennedy Applauds Paterson

David Paterson received congratulations on his speech at the Council on Foreign Relations this afternoon from a Kennedy.

Jean Kennedy Smith said she told the governor that she thought his speech was “wonderful.”  

“I thought it was amazing that he could remember all those facts and figures,” she told reporters after the event.

Asked about the messy dénouement of the candidacy of her niece, Caroline Kennedy, she said, “As far as Caroline goes, I think she is fine with everything and it all worked out.”

Kennedy Smith also is in the category of people who believe that Caroline made her own decision to drop out of the running.

“I think it was [her decision,] yes. But you never know. She may come back, you never know. I think she is capable of many things and I think she’ll get something that is perhaps closer to home. She still has a son and a husband in New York and it is difficult to move to Washington. It’s certainly not the end of her career.”  

A Kennedy Applauds Paterson