Council Candidate Ferreras Left Out of Matching Funds, For Now

The leading candidate in the February 24 special election for the vacant City Council seat in Jackson Height, Julissa Ferreras, did not get matching funds from the Campaign Finance Board, which distributed more then $130,000 to the other three candidates.

Ferreras’ most formidable rival, Francisco Moya, a Democratic district leader and former aide to David Paterson, got $53,620, nearly doubling the $50,298 he raised in private contributions.

Jose Giraldo, a leader in the local Hispanic business community, got $58,719 in matching funds, more than the $43,506 he raised in private contributions. And local resident George Dixon was given $37,512 by the CF.B.,. far more than the $14,330 he raised on his own.

A spokesman for the C.F.B. declined to speak about Ferreras campaign, indicating she still has an opportunity to correct whatever problem she may have before the next round of payments are issued, which is in a matter of days [clarified].

Ferreras has raised $51,894 in contributions. When asked for details about the holdup, a campaign spokeswoman said, “No candidate will have more resources—both financial resources and volunteer power—than Julissa Ferreras.”

The vacancy was created when Hiram Monserrate was elected to the state senate in November. Ferreras worked as his chief of staff, and has his support, plus the backing of 14 City Council members.