Events Roundup: February 13, 2009

1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Maya Hayuk’s “Sexy Gazebo: Believing Is Believing,” an ongoing show through March 15, opens today at Cinders on 103 Havemeyer Street. “Sexy Gazebo” features abstractions and figurative drawings, also highlighted gazebo installation.

6 p.m.
Documentarian Ken Burns celebrates Lincoln’s 200th birthday with a discussion of his Civil War series at Borders Books, Music and Movies, 461 Park Avenue and 57th Street.

6 p.m.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts “Naked at the Met Scavenger Hunt,” which is billed as a “nudity-infused … no previous experience with art, or nudity, required” event. The Met, 1000 Fifth Avenue. (Adults Only).

7 p.m.
Spike Lee will sign autographs in celebration of latest film: Miracle At St. Ana. At J&R Music & Computer World, 23 Park Row.

8 p.m.
Paul Simon at the Beacon Theater, 2124 Broadway and 74th Street.   

8 p.m.
A Couples Beer Pong Tournament, hosted by the Village Pourhouse Uptown. At 982 Amsterdam Avenue and 109th Street.

9 p.m.  Film Cinema Sixteen features original musical accompaniment of Brooklyn-based Wild Yaks. The band will “infuse” two short (silent) films with their “rambunctious, anthemic sound.” A Depression-era satire, Pie in the Sky (1935), and Edwin S. Porter’s “dazzling trick film,” A Dream of a Rarebit Fiend (1906). At Starr Space, 108-111 Starr Street.

10 p.m.
Tingel Tangel Club’s blend of “downtown debauchery” arrives at Glasslands with late-night burlesque featuring Tigger!, Harvest Moon, Nasty Canasta and Clams Casino. Performances by Joseph Keckler and the Pixie Harlots, Kenny Mellman (of “Our Hit Parade” and Kiki & Herb) and Larry Tee to DJ. At 249 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn.