Get Ready to Rock With Sonic Youth

Happy Thursday! Pitchfork has breaking details about Sonic Youth’s highly anticipated 16th studio album and followup to 2006’s Rather Ripped: June 9 release date; title is The Eternal (as in, Sonic Youth has been around for an eternity and they are eternally cool!).

The Eternal will be the first album by the band, newly signed to Matador Records, to be released on an indie label since its landmark 1988 LP, Daydream Nation. Guitarist Thurston Moore has said that fans can expect a more “rock-centric” album (not that Rather Ripped and 2004’s Sonic Nurse, which actually harkened the glorious distortion of Daydream Nation, weren’t totally rocking records). But have no fear, die-hards—Mr. Moore told Billboard last month, “We’re still Sonic Youth. I still don’t know how to play the guitar.” Meanwhile, Urban Outfitters will start carrying bassist Kim Gordon’s new clothing line next week. And Sonic Youth is slated to headline day two of the noisy No Fun Fest at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on May 16.