Governor Paterson, Knickerbocker; Knickerbocker, Governor Paterson

ALBANY—A reader points out a fun (if coincidental) bit of circularity having to do with those blistering anti-Paterson health care ads.

They were produced by Knickerbocker SKD.

Knickerbocker, the Josh Isay-led firm that advised Caroline Kennedy in her unsuccessful attempt to become a U.S. senator. 

Caroline Kennedy, who eventually pulled out for “personal reasons” only to get smeared by people close to David Paterson.

David Paterson, who a blind man in the ad asks, “Why are you doing this to me?”

Is this Isay’s accidental revenge?

“Josh is as talented a political operative as there is in New York, it just happens he was not directly involved in the production of this ad,” said Brian Conway, a spokesman for the Greater New York Hospital Association, which co-produced the ad with union SEIU 1199. “We’ve worked with Knickerbocker SKD for quite some time, and we think they’re great.”

(Waiting to hear back from Isay.)