Morning Read, Upstate: One New York Goes Down, Special Election Could Cost $500,000

David Paterson proposed a taxation tax!

Paterson will use stimulus funds on health care, he said, as he blasted the unions blasting him.

The Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin says Paterson’s timing with pay raises is bad, but “anyone in Albany accusing anyone else of lack of shame is like Madonna accusing Britney Spears of lack of modesty.”

The Poughkeepsie Journal asks if he’s gone “completely bonkers.”

The Times Union wants Jim Tedisco to take a stand on the stimulus package.

Scott Murphy is endorsed by Citizen Action.

A debate between the two is kinda sorta not quite set.

The special election could cost up to half a million dollars.

In a poll, voters support a millionaire’s tax.

But they support a sales tax hike and spending cuts more.

Buffalonians are hoping they will get a major slice of housing money in a bailout package.

Chuck Schumer announces two new drug officers for the North Country.

Rochester-area planners have put in for $84 million in stimulus funding for transportation projects.

Things are much less clear about plans to use the money for high-speed rail service.

A blogger in Buffalo tried to post a comment on it, and eventually, the State Senate took down its “newscast” from Vimeo.

And here’s a video of Representative Eric Massa announcing he will be heavily involved in passing single-payer health insurance: