Murphy Backs the Stimulus

ALBANY—Scott Murphy, the Democratic candidate for the 20th congressional seat, just came out in support of the federal stimulus package.

Yesterday he was a little hazier on the question. Here’s a statement Murphy’s spokesman just mailed:

While the economic recovery package in Washington is far from perfect, I support President Obama’s call for bold action, and would vote in favor of the economic recovery package, because it’s essential that we provide middle class tax relief, and create jobs in upstate New York immediately,” said Scott Murphy. “As a fiscal conservative and businessman, I share the concerns of many in my district about the cost of this package and the poor track record of career politicians to spend tax payer dollars responsibly. That’s why when I get to Washington I will work tirelessly to ensure that the funds from this critical bill are spent wisely, create the jobs we need, and fight for even more middle class tax relief.