Protesters Storm Ballroom, Interrupt Bloomberg Speech, Chant ‘We Are the World’

Dozens of protesters just barged into the Grand Hyatt ballroom, where Michael Bloomberg was speaking to business leaders, and interrupted the event for about 15 minutes.

Bloomberg stood by the podium, grimacing silently, as the group put fists in the air and chanted, “This is what democracy looks like.”

The group was politely removed with minimal effort by police and hotel security. Leaving, the protesters chanted, “We are the world.”

One person in the group, identifying himself as “Jeremy,” said he was an AIDS housing advocate, but declined to give his last name and said he didn’t want to be quoted.

When the protesters were removed, Bloomberg said he agreed–that is what democracy looks like. He also said he thought the disturbance was going to last longer.

Bloomberg is here speaking at a luncheon hosted by Crain’s and business groups, focused on “The Future of New York City.”

UPDATE: Video now available.