The Gowanus Plan, Massa’s New Policy, Skelos Calls for Another Budget

Eliot Brown looks at new details about the city’s plan for Gowanus: tons of apartments, but not so many hotels. [TRE]

Eric Massa changed his policy on accepting donations from corporate P.A.C.s. [F29]

Dean Skelos wants David Paterson to resubmit his 2009-2010 budget proposal to include the federal stimulus money. [CC]

Council candidate John Tabacco survived a petition challenge from opponent Ken Mitchell, but now the B.O.E. is trying to throw him off the ballot for using a star in his campaign logo. [SIA]

Buffalo Pundit is absolutely outraged that hearings in Syracuse are considered convenient for Western New York. [BP]

According to a secessionist blogger, ” local and statewide interwebs seems to be alive with talk on how New York State could use a nice divorce.” Links follow. [Upstateless]

Queens Crap is publicizing a bus going to Albany this weekend to protest the closure of two Queens hospitals. [QC]

On C-SPAN, a member of the House describes how close the world came to economic Armageddon last September. [Live Leak via Zero Hedge via PW]