The NYU Protest: All Over the Place

Student activists are easy targets. They’re young, smug and inflamed with the fervor of unassailable beliefs. So when dozens of students staged a three-day demonstration-they referred to it unironically as “The Occupation”-at the university’s student center last week, not only did their actions rivet the media, but they prompted gleeful bloggers to reward them with headlines like “Vegan Lunch Dilemma Brings N.Y.U. Revolutionaries to Brink of Explosion.” Washington Square News, the student newspaper, wrote that the occupation amounted to “a catered, self-indulgent dance party,” while NYULocal, the student blog, headlined a post “How a Fringe Group at NYU Went From Being Disliked to Loathed – The Story of the TBNYU! Kimmel Occupation.